Timeshare Morning Meeting: September 6, 2014

This week’s timeshare sales tip:


REMEMBER: A good percentage of all sales guests really don’t know the difference between a ‘public’ or ‘privately held’ corporation and research clearly demonstrates that ‘working-folks’ (in general) lack basic investment knowledge– including those who actually own stocks through their own efforts, their employer, etc.

When building on the credibility of a timeshare plan, the developer, the industry and the rep, it is never a bad idea to share with a prospect that there are also several publicly held timeshare corporations that are listed on ‘The Big Board’ and in order to be so listed they had/have to endure all sorts of government (and private) scrutiny– including but not limited to the SEC (Security Exchange Commission).

Additionally, some of these ‘public’ timeshares companies have institutional investors as well who are tasked with investing millions of dollars of working-folks’ money into the success, future and financial returns of those TS companies so that said individual investors can enjoy those ‘golden-years’!

In fact, it would be a safe bet to suggest there are sales guests sitting in a presentation today who actually own such a slice (stocks) and may not even be aware that they are investors in the timeshare ‘biz’.

Most reps obviously don’t work for a publicly held TS company, but it is never a bad idea to briefly share with each prospect the magnitude of the industry, how it is regulated in both the private and public sectors, nationally and internationally. The savvy TS Pro who does so with every prospect will laugh all the way to the bank.

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Whether you’re an industry veteran or a green pea, it never hurts to brush up on your skills!

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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: September 6, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouseQUOTABLE QUOTES: “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” -Mark Twain

In honor of the amazing and indomitable comedienne Joan Rivers, who passed away Sept. 4, 2014 at the age of 81. May she rest in peace.

And here she is on The Tonight Show in 1986 – wearing the outfit she wore on her first appearance in 1965 – telling shameless jokes about Britain’s Royal family.

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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Getting BIGGER: September 6, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse

RCI recently welcomed two new affiliated resorts in China to its holiday exchange network. The new properties are Shangri-La Tusifu Resort in Shangri-La County, and Xishuangbanna Resort in Xishuangbanna Prefecture, both in Yunnan Province, China.

Shangri-la Tusifu Resort is located in Shangri-La, which is a four-hour drive from Lijiang. The 36-room resort’s décor is reminiscent of ancient Tibet, with every piece of furniture, painting and ornament showcasing the rich Tibetan cultural heritage. It is the restoration of the office and residence of Tusi officials, built more than 1,300 years ago during the Ming Dynasty.

Xishuangbanna Resort is located in Jinhong, the capital city of Xishuangbanna Prefecture. Xishuangbanna is home to many different ethnic groups, and the home of the world famous Pu’er tea. The Mekong River flows through Jinhong City, creating a hub for travellers passing through China, Thailand and Laos. Opened in 2013, Xishuangbanna Resort has 110 rooms and suites, and is seven kilometres from Jinghong Airport. It is within walking distance to Jinsha Bay and Jiangnan Riverside Walk, while tourist attractions such as the Peacock Garden and Manting Park are within close proximity.

The signing of these agreements expands RCI’s portfolio of resorts in China to more than 50 properties.

Capital Resorts Group will open its newest Capital Resorts Club destination to owners and guests in the spring of 2015. The new Waterside Resort in Edenton, North Carolina, is located on the scenic Albemarle Sound in a private community that will offer accommodations for many vacation styles. Guests will be able to stay in deluxe condominium-style residences, Coastal Carolina cottages, or at a luxury RV park while vacationing at Waterside Resort.

The company uses a points system, Capital Points, for exchange purposes.

Capital Resorts Group is a vacation ownership company that develops, sells, finances vacation ownership interests, provides property management service to property owner associations and develops vacation ownership resorts. With 9 currently active resort locations, Capital Resorts Group is comprised of a collection of resorts that have been helping travel enthusiasts create lifelong memories for over 30 years. It has resorts in Branson Missouri, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Kennebunk, Maine, Biloxi, Mississippi and Edenton, North Carolina.

(If some of their locations/resorts look familiar to you, it may be because they partnered up with Surrey Vacation Resorts, Inc. d/b/a Grand Crowne Resorts.)

cheerleaderRCI and Capital Resorts Group: getting BIGGER!

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The Weekly Wisecrack: August 30, 2014

Yeehaw! What a bunch of suckers!

We got all them thar gifts jist fer listenin’ to them jerks.

Hell Clem, did ya see how mad that 3rd manager was when he come over and we told him it’s jist a place to lay our heads down at night and we can do that already with the Winnebago Ma left us in back in 1975? I thought he was a’gonna swaller his tongue a’tryin’ ter answer thet one!

C’mon! Let’s go git our free massages!

(Leave your own caption in the
Comments if you’re so inclined…)

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Timeshare Odds and Ends: August 30, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse
You’re all familiar with the 20-60-20 rule, right? That basically says that among any group of reps 20% are the top ‘writers’ – 60% are average – and the other 20% are less than stellar producers.

But did you know that ratio also applies to the buyers of most products and services, including vacation ownership? A rule of thumb would be for every 1,000 sales guests approximately 20% will be inclined to purchase a TS upon the conclusion of the presentation; the 60%ers are up for grabs; and the remaining 20% will not, for all the known and legitimate reasons, purchase a TS under any circumstance.

So what’s the Scoop? And what does Motel Hell have to do with it? Find out at “Scoop du Jour: Check-In Chat at Motel Hell”

Here we are at Labor Day Weekend already, can you believe it? And can you believe this: According to travel intelligence company Skift 63% of Americans won’t be taking vacation this year. Holy not-good-for-you!

Diamond Resorts International hired Nielsen to do a study on the issue of vacations; unsurprisingly the study found that people who commit to taking vacations on a regular basis are generally happier, healthier and have better relationships than those who don’t.

Called “Vacation Integration Towards an All-inclusive Lifestyle” or VITAL, the survey compared the happiness, health, vitality, relationships and job satisfaction of two groups of survey respondents: those who reported that they vacation at least once per year, and those who reported that they never vacation. More than 2,000 respondents aged 25 and older participated in the survey, which yielded compelling conclusions— a significant majority (at least 76%) of annual vacationers are more satisfied and happy with their lives overall, compared to people who never vacation. Also, a majority of respondents (52%) didn’t take all of their paid vacation days this past year, forfeiting an average of more than seven paid vacation days annually.

There’s a lot of information you can use in those survey results. I suggest you read the press release about it, check out the infographic and see how you can fit it all into your sales pitch. You can thank DRI for it later… 😉


Where are YOU going this year?


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ITG Weekly Jukebox: August 30, 3014

Californication is the seventh studio album by American rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was released on June 8, 1999, on Warner Bros. Records and was produced by Rick Rubin. Per Wikipedia, the record was a change of style for the Chili Peppers, especially compared to their previous album, One Hot Minute, which combined various elements of heavy metal and psychedelic rock.

But I liked the album then and I still do. How about you? And having recently spent some time I’ll never get back in that state I thought I’d share the title song with you; so here is Californication. Yeah, just for you, Bob. 😉

The Weekly Juke Box aims to feature good music/good fun regardless of era or genre. Send in your own favorite and if I can find a good version on YouTube I’ll post it for you! What would you like to see or hear?

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New Jersey USA Timeshare News: August 30, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

CAMDEN: As was noted in a recent comment, hearings on the issue of forfeiture of assets against VO Group/VO Financial founders/owners Adam and Ashley Lacerda have been adjourned (again!) to October 24, 2014 as attorneys for the defendants and the government maneuver for position and duke it out in legalese.

The pair has been languishing in prison since their bail was revoked during their trial last year. So far no sentencing date has been set for them, and it’s not likely to happen until the forfeiture of assets issue (and perhaps other issues?) has been settled since the dollar amount of that can affect the length of their sentences.

Meanwhile an attorney has been appointed to defend Dennis Nadeau, who was arrested in June 2014 on charges that he engaged in “misleading conduct towards another person, with intent to influence, delay, or prevent testimony” (aka witness tampering).

Nadeau is not wasting any time with sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors lawyering; having waived his right to a preliminary hearing and a speedy trial, he’s gone straight into the negotiating stage. Consequently, a continuance was granted on July 11 for a period of 60 days to allow the parties to conduct plea negotiations and attempt to finalize a plea agreement. And the period from July 11 through Sept 9 was deemed excludable in computing time under the Speedy Trial Act of 1974. So as Sept. 9 rolls around I’ll check back into the court records to see what, if anything, is up.

Watch this space…

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West Virginia USA Timeshare News: August 30, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse >> Eastern USA Timeshare News

CHARLESTON: FYI, those timeshare resale and recovery scams being run so effectively in Mexico are not limited to that beleaguered country, in case you didn’t know. The same scams are being operated in lots of countries, including the U.K., European countries and, yes, right here in the good old U.S. of A.

David Andrew Glynn -WV mugshotMost recently David Andrew Glynn, 47, pled guilty Aug. 25 to conspiring to defraud timeshare owners throughout the United States and Canada. He and David “Brandon” Ball were arrested May 27, 2014 on a single charge of conspiracy to commit mail fraud associated with scams essentially identical to those being operated in Mexico.

Mountain State Resales, LLC was registered as a legitimate West Virginia entity Sept. 30, 2013 by Mr. Glynn but it was a sham in that it falsely purported to be in the business of brokering timeshare sales. Glynn and his associates contacted timeshare owners and advised them the company had buyers for their timeshares, but the owners were required to pay bogus fees and expenses necessary to complete the sales. The callers used names such as Victor Morrison, Mark Patterson, Akmed and Mr. Byrd.

Timeshare owners were directed to send their payments to a South Charleston, WV address. In all, at least seven individuals together sent $69,526 to MSR but never received any benefits from it.

Not content to stop there, Glynn also operated a classic recovery scam, sometimes bamboozling his previous victims a second time by posing as an agent with Internal Revenue Recovery Associates, a fictional entity he claimed was affiliated with a governmental agency. Glynn represented that he was investigating timeshare fraud schemes and needed the victims of such schemes to send money to MSR to assist with its recovery efforts.

In his plea agreement Glynn admitted that MSR was not a legitimate business, and was created to defraud owners of timeshares. He also admitted that MSR received more than $86,000 from the fraud scheme. As part of the plea agreement, Glynn will be required to make full restitution. The actual charge to which he pled guilty is conspiracy to commit mail fraud. The maximum penalty agreed to in the plea agreement is 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 or twice the gross pecuniary gain or twice the pecuniary loss resulting from his conduct, whichever is greater; and 3 years of supervised release.

Glynn agrees that he owes restitution in the amount equal to or exceeding $86,536.42 but not more than $118,769.72 and agrees to pay such restitution, with interest, to the fullest extent financially feasible.

Sentencing is scheduled for November 24, 2014.

It appears that this was not his first rodeo, either. You can read the FBI’s affidavit about the case here for more slimy details. I think we may be hearing more about this in the future…

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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California USA Timeshare News: August 30, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> WESTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

OCEANSIDE: Back in May, under the Nevada timeshare news heading, I discussed the TLC Travel Club. Remember? As it turned out TLC’s actual name is TLC Resorts Vacation Club, a sister company to Timeshare Liquidators (“TL”), which sells a short-term vacation club product.

In that post I mentioned that they had a franchise in the Oceanside, CA. area. Originally the office/sales center was in San Diego, which is why the company is called SD Travel Club/SD TLC Resorts (aka San Diego Timeshare Liquidation Company), but in January 2014 they moved to Oceanside, leasing 11,452 square feet of retail space at 3955 Mission Avenue where they shared the recently divided portion of the building with Brother Bennos Thrift Shop (who moved in the adjacent space in 2013).

Here’s how they described their business according to DataFOX:

SD TLC RESORTS LLC, or San Diego Time Share Liquidation Company. We sell Foreclosed Timeshare Properties. Hold 90-Minute Digital Showcases. Go over our inventory of FORECLOSED TIMESHARE PROPERTIES. 1st TIME FORECLOSED TIMESHARES have been available to general public. Great opportunity to get in on exclusive properties at FRACTION of the cost.

That doesn’t sound much like a travel club, now does it? But perhaps that description was made prior to parent distributor Timeshare Liquidators’ change from timeshare resales to a travel club, so we shouldn’t rush to judgement there.

According to the BBB, which has since revoked the company’s accreditation, the owners are Bob Climer, John Hight and Carlos Hill.

Here’s why their accreditation was revoked:

Lots of luck getting in touch with Mr. Climer or getting anywhere via any of their currently non-operational websites. roll eyes

Any questions?

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Costa Rica Timeshare News: August 30, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse >> INTERNATIONAL TIMESHARE NEWS

GUANACASTE: ***For those of you who feel you have been scammed and lost money you need to make the effort to contact your local FBI office and report your losses, or better yet file a Form IC3, available online at http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx , which is a partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). The more people who file that form the better; as individuals (unless your loss is huge) not much will be done, but as a group you can pool your losses and possibly reach the criteria to set an investigation into motion.

Take whatever evidence you may have, make your case and make sure you explain that others across the country are doing this, too, that the scheme affects many people from all over to the tune of millions of dollars.***

George Triggs at a supermarket in Playas del Coco, CRPlayas del Coco is such a small place that everyone pretty much knows everyone, or at least who everyone is. Even so, it must be that you’ve reached some sort of celebrity status when local folks start taking pictures of you while you’re out shopping, just as though you’re a movie star or something.

Here’s a smartphone photo of Gregory Karnes George Triggs at the Automercado for instance, minding his own business, just schlepping around as though he thought he could be incognito as opposed to being infamous in the area.

George has actually only lived in the area for about a year or so, but he’s a big wheel in the group that’s been operating for 4 or 5 years under various names such as Coco Sunset Vacation Club, Bahia Turquesa Residences, Coco Bay Estates, The Residence Club at Coco Bay Estates, Vista Ocotal Residence Club, Terramar, Las Palmas Travel Network, Las Palmas CR Residence Club, Luxury Leisure Alliance, Las Palmas Private Residence Club, Manrey Private Residence Club (Panama), Playa de las Palmas, RD Residences Club Limitada, Omnicorp Development, Miramar Residence Club, Las Playas de Palmas TM, Meridian, Four Palms Marketing/4Palms Marketing, Central American Investments, Costa Rican Investments, Executive Properties, Costa Rica Development Group, Amerashare Annuity, C S Sharing S.A., C S Sharing Sociedad Anonima…

Whew. Anyhow, that’s why he and his buddies are so well-recognized in the area that locals take pictures of them as though they were celebrities.

Of course there are downsides to being “famous”, too. But there you are, smack dab in the public eye and people all around with smartphones just aching to take a picture of — mmmm, possibly YOU.

So what’s a body supposed to do about it?

Smile, everyone, you’re on Candid Camera!

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” -Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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Mexico Timeshare FRAUD News: August 30, 2014

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse >> INTERNATIONAL TIMESHARE NEWS



EVERYWHERE: Here are some recent timeshare resale fraudsters posing as legitimate companies in an effort to steal your hard-earned money via bank wires to phony escrow accounts in Mexico. These two are working together to defraud you, so pay attention.


PHONE: (818) 860 – 0387
TOLL FREE: (866) 978 – 7752
FAX: (818) 688 – 3276

Emerald Holdings Group, which claims a questionable address in Los Angeles, CA, shows up as a foreign (Delaware) corporation that has surrendered its right to transact business in the State of California. Most likely the company using that name has stolen the name; regardless, they are not a currently registered business entity in California. They are therefore liars and you should not do business with them.

Realistic Property Advisers
1301 Dove St., Newport Beach, CA. 92660
Telephone: (949)220-2564
Toll Free: (866)978-8023
Fax: (949)606-8981
Email Address: mail@realisticpropertyadvisers.com
Web: www.realisticpropertyadvisers.com

Realistic Property Advisers, does not exist as a registered, legitimate company in California. In fact it does not exist at all except in name only. I cannot confirm that they have a presence at the address they claim at 1301 Dove St. in Newport Beach. Therefore, Realistic is also a fraud and its owners are liars.

The phone numbers given are VoIP (Voice over IP, Internet Phone), which means that though they have California area codes the phones could actually be located anywhere.

Actually, the mere fact that they are requiring upfront funds to be bank-wired to a supposed escrow account gives them away as scammers, but it helps to know that the company names they give are as phony as a three-dollar bill. Two companies working together, neither of which is legitimate. What do YOU think?

And here’s another one.

Twin Falls Title and Escrow fraudulently used the identity of a legitimate Idaho company; they tried to deceive people and gain legitimacy by altering a copy of the Certificate of Assumed Business Name filed by the legitimate First American Title Company, Inc. The address advertised was also invalid. The Idaho Department of Finance has issued a cease-and-desist order against the company.

TFTE appears to be working with a company called Capital Management Corp., or C.M.C., with agents supposedly located in New York State. Owners of timeshare units in Mexico are contacted by C.M.C. claiming to have a buyer for their timeshare unit and asking if the owner is interested in selling. C.M.C. then directs the seller to TFTE to close the escrow transaction. But there is no such company as Capital Management Corp. registered to do business in New York. They’re as phony as TFTE.

Again, if any company anywhere claims to have a buyer for your timeshare and requires you to bank wire (or send via Western Union) money to ANY LOCATION IN THE WORLD, INCLUDING THE USA, before they will send you the proceeds of the “sale” DO NOT DO IT! IT IS A SCAM!

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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