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Diamond Resorts now hiring

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Weekly Wisecrack: May 28, 2016

Instead of a “wisecrack” this week here is a reminder to not forget why we celebrate Memorial Day all around the world. Take a few moments between the barbecue and the beer to remember those who died so we might live.


Lest We Forget

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it on to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same…” -President Ronald Reagan

(Don’t worry. The Weekly Wisecrack will return next week, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.)

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Timeshare Odds and Ends: May 28, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse
The terror attacks in the USA on 9/11 killed nearly 3,000 people and injured more than 6,000 others. These immediate deaths included 265 on the four planes, 2,606 in the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 at the Pentagon. In the end 2,974 victims were confirmed to have died during the initial attacks.

Considering the reactionary steps taken by the USA post-9/11, what do you think would have happened if we had experienced a 2nd, 3rd and 4th attack on its soil in the months following 9/11, and of the same magnitude? How would we react to the loss of so many lives over and over again?

So what’s the Scoop? What does that have to do with Memorial Day, which commemorates service members who died in the line of duty? What does it have to do with war veterans and the number 80,300 and why should you care? Find out at Scoop du Jour: 80,300 War Veterans And Counting

As Memorial Day kicks off the start of the summer travel season, Travelzoo, a publisher of travel deals, predicts Americans will see the best travel offers in years this summer. The combination of low oil prices, a strong dollar, cheaper airfares and the impact of global events such as the Zika virus and instability in Europe, means Americans can expect to spend up to 40% less than last year on summer vacations.

Apart from that prediction, timeshare companies are offering a variety of savings as well. For instance, beginning on Memorial Day and running through Dec. 31, a 15% discount on rooms at more than 50 domestic Marriott Vacation Club resorts is available to U.S. active, retired and reserve members of the military, National Guard, and first responders including police, firefighters and emergency medical personnel.

In addition, Wyndham Extra Holidays, a subsidiary of Wyndham Vacation Ownership (WVO) is now offering special summer travel deals to more than 30 destinations this summer during the Wyndham® Extra Holidays SummerFest Fun Travel Sale. On this one you have to book by August 14, 2016 and travel by September 30, 2016. Two-night minimum stay required. Click on the link for more details.

In tony Scottsdale, AZ the Scottsdale Camelback Resort is advertising 15% and 20% savings on 2-night and 3-night packages, respectively, for stays in their studio, 2- and 3-bedroom villas.

Down Mexico way in Loreto, Baja California Sur, the Villa Group’s luxurious Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is offering a “Family Gathering Package” that starts at $1,303, covering the cost of two adults and two children up to age 13. The package is available to families who book May 1 through August 25, 2016, for stays at the resort through October 15, 2016.

So what special deals are YOU looking at this summer?


Have you seen the world yet?

Where are YOU going this year?


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Weekly Jukebox: May 28, 2016

In honor of the iconic Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday (May 24) I decided I should play something Bob Dylan-ish. The problem was deciding whether to play something from his early years, middle years or something more current. I mean, there’s so much to choose from and it’s all impressive.

In the end I decided on a very early song from 1964 which is eerily prescient of today’s political environment. If you’re young and have never heard it (INCONCEIVABLE!) you will quickly pick up on its relevance; if you’re old enough to remember when it was first a huge hit, well — welcome to a walk down memory lane! The song may be more than 50 years old, but you know what they say — everything old is new again.

Bob Dylan: The Times They Are A’Changin’

(PS: Have you ever heard the late great Richie Havens’ cover of this song, which was played on The West Wing, Season 4, Episode 7: “Election Night? It’s spectacular! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDB1eMnIPmA )

What are YOU listening to tonight?

The Weekly Juke Box aims to feature good music/good fun regardless of era or genre. Send in your own favorite and if I can find a good version on YouTube I’ll post it for you! What would you like to see or hear?

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Florida USA Timeshare News: May 28, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> EASTERN USA TIMESHARE NEWS:

COCOA BEACH: Westgate Resorts is getting BIGGER again. The company has purchased the iconic Wakulla Suites, located about one mile south of the Westgate-owned Cocoa Beach Pier. The 120-room all-suite resort will soon undergo significant renovations and operate as a boutique-style beachside hotel and vacation ownership resort.

All guest rooms, public spaces and the pool area at the property will be upgraded. The property will remain open throughout the renovation.

Onsite amenities include a heated outdoor pool, children’s wading pool, gas BBQ grills, shuffleboard courts, beach volleyball, ATM, business center, gift shop, beach rental equipment and coin-operated guest laundry facilities, as well as free access to the Cocoa Beach Health & Fitness Center.

With the addition of this new hotel, Westgate now boasts 26 themed destination resorts with approximately 13,000 villas in premier locations throughout the United States and more in development. Over the past two years, Westgate has acquired the LVH – Las Vegas Hotel & Casino (now known as Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino), as well as the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League and the Wild Bear Inn in Pigeon Forge, TN.

I wonder if the resort will remain Fido-friendly under Westgate’s management?

ORLANDO: The recently launched American Resort Collection (ARC) has already entered into agreements with four resorts in Florida.

At The Palm Beach Resort & Beach Club in Palm Beach, ARC has acquired the management contract plus around a third of the resort’s inventory. This investment has financially transformed the resort and provided it with 100% dues-paying members.

The Americano Beach Resort in Daytona Beach will also benefit from a significant investment by ARC, who secured the management contract, and also acquired 2,000 weeks of inventory and real estate, plus rights for future development at the property.

At the Marina Bay Resort in Ft. Walton Beach, ARC purchased the management contract, plus committed to fund the conversion of the timeshare interests from deeded to flexible trust interests, and to sell or acquire a substantial volume of the association’s non-performing inventory.

At the Calypso Cay resort in the Orlando area ARC has partnered with developer Steve Bradley to deliver sales under the resort’s new RCI agreement.

The team running ARC includes Frank Murphy, CEO; Scott McGregor, President; Rob Crawford, Executive VP; and Elizsanie Mercado, HR & Compliance.

ALSO IN ORLANDO: In case you didn’t know, Marriott Vacation Club has closed on the sale of the hotel component of the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa in Queensland, Australia to Bensonlily Surfers Paradise Pty Ltd for a gross sale price of $70 million AUD (approximately $50 million USD at current exchange rates).

Marriott purchased the resort in July 2015 and is currently transforming eight floors of the property into Marriott Vacation Club at Surfers Paradise, featuring 88 timeshare deluxe guestrooms and one- and two-bedroom suites.

The sale to Bensonlily Surfers Paradise Pty Ltd includes the remaining 216 rooms and the resort amenities.

Marriott Vacation Club at Surfers Paradise and the Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa will share the resort’s amenities, including a full service spa, fitness center and four dining outlets. The entire resort will be operated by Marriott International pursuant to a long-term management agreement.

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth
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Mexico Timeshare News: May 28, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse >> INTERNATIONAL TIMESHARE NEWS

RIVIERA MAYA: Hard on the heels of the announcement of Karisma Hotels & Resorts’ highly-anticipated opening of Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana this summer comes news of a second Nickelodeon resort.

This one, named the Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya, is slated to open in December 2017.

The new property will feature 288 one-, two-, and three-bedroom suites, each with its own pool on a private terrace or balcony. It will be located on a secluded white-sand beach facing Mexico’s Caribbean Sea. Amenities will include world-class dining, contemporary design and access to neighboring Karisma Hotels & Resorts properties. You can also expect twenty-four-hour room service, and amenities like complimentary baby food, strollers, and cribs.

The heart of the resort, Nickelodeon Place will include Just Kiddin’, a hangout for kids; Character Central where guests can meet Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePants and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and more: water features; and a kid’s spa. Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Riviera Maya will also feature Studio Nick, a theater for hosting an array of immersive entertainment experiences.

The resort will include a grand lobby, restaurants, bars, spa and two main six-story buildings – all set between indigenous mangroves, palm trees, and a white-sand beach. The first floors of both main buildings will be comprised of swim-up suites that boast direct access to swimming pools and swim-up bars, while floors two through six will host the infinity pool suites with unobstructed ocean views.

Imagine that: swim-up suites! How much cooler could you get? I want one of those! rubbering

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” -Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Tip JarDo you have tips or rumors you’d like to share ANONYMOUSLY? Something you’d like us to investigate or follow up on? Help fill up the Tips Jar so we can share it with the whole Timeshare World! CONTACT: gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

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Timeshare Morning Meeting: May 28, 2016

This week’s timeshare sales tip:


REMEMBER: Morning Meeting is read by timeshare reps the world over and sometimes the topic of the day might not apply to some reps. That is the case with today’s tip, which is for those reps still using the old ‘T-Pitch’ (aka: ‘Da Line’): use it, exchange it, rent it, sell it, will it!

Back in the day, long before the internet, the ‘T-Pitch’ was a basic guideline for reps to use and although it certainly helped produce results (sales) the fact of the matter is that it really wasn’t that good of a ‘Pitch’ in the first place and today anyone still using it is setting themselves up for a high ‘kick’ (rescission) ratio.

If any rep hasn’t yet figured it out most new buyers also have computers and internet access (including hand-helds) from home or work. Once out of the ether they are very likely to get online within the cooling-off period and guess what they’ll discover, in a nanosecond, about timeshare ownership?

Right you are! Along with other issues such as price variations, opinions, comments by others, etc., they also discover their rep lied to them out the chute, because they basically can’t ‘rent-it’, can’t ‘sell-it’ and their kids most likely won’t want it. ‘Kickville’ is the likely outcome!

Another problem with the old ‘T-pitch’ is that sales reps and closers use it inappropriately, often implying that by selling or renting it the owner will make gobs of money and that then often becomes the reason to ‘buy-today’.

At the end of the day, stop using the ‘T-Pitch’ as real timeshare Pros have done for decades, and start selling it as a vacation home first and foremost, the lifestyle ownership provides, and that millions of owners are enjoying the world over.

Those two aspects have been in vogue since long before the ‘biz’ entered the travel industry and will be around for the rest of time. And when the rep focuses the presentation on those benefits/features the new owners will be ‘sold’ on what they should be sold on and the savvy Timeshare Pro will laugh all the way to the bank!

Join us for a pithy morning meeting timeshare sales tip of the week, originally published in InsideTheGate.com, to help you to greater success in selling timeshare. Brief and to the point, these sales training tips are designed to get you thinking, to expand your knowledge, to help you to become all that you can be in the timeshare sales arena.

Whether you’re an industry veteran or a green pea, it never hurts to brush up on your skills!

Copyright InsideTheGate.com All rights reserved

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Idle Timeshare Thoughts: May 28, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse
“There is nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.” –President Bill Clinton

I’m not one to brag, but I totally got out of bed today.

Then I made the mistake of accessing several newspapers, searching for something positive to augment the magnificence of getting out of bed, but alas! What a big Debbie Downer that experience was! Gloom and doom and Trump and dump and Sanders and Hillary and talking heads competing with each other to feed us, the proletariat, as much negativity as possible. Grrrrrrrrr.

So I looked around the Internets to find some videos or something to restore my great mood and while there is plenty of stuff available for chuckles and smiles, by that time I was feeling more snarky about life than smiley.

So this week I leave you with the following words of wisdom from the late great George Carlin. This way you get to laugh even while you groan.

Whew. I feel better again now. Thank God for George Carlin! Think I’ll go back to bed. 😉

“If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” –Alice Roosevelt Longworth

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Timeshare People on the Move: May 28, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse>> TIMESHARE PEOPLE ON THE MOVE:

Ed McMullen Sr., a timeshare industry icon, has joined Gildersleeve Partners’ Board of Advisors.

McMullen was the co-founder of American Resorts, the company Marriott acquired in the mid-1980’s to facilitate its entry into the resort timeshare industry. In the early 1990’s, he joined forces with The Mariner Group to bring Hilton into the industry with the creation of the Hilton Grand Vacations Company joint venture. After Hilton acquired full ownership of HGVC, he channeled his expertise and energy into www.mcmullendevelopment.com. He is a past board chairman of the American Resort Development Association and actively involved with the Urban Land Institute.

McMullen will initially be focused on helping to expand the company’s credit card processing subsidiary Customized Solutions, LLC., perhaps the only entity that is solely focused on improving both the economics and B2B customer service of credit card processing for companies involved in the timeshare industry.

Have you been promoted or moved to a new company/location? Do you know of someone who has? Has someone been fired or demoted? Tell us about it! Send the information to The GateHouse to be included in People on the Move!
CONTACT: gatekeeper@insidethegate.com

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Getting BIGGER: May 28, 2016

It's Happy Hour at The GateHouse

Vacation Management Services, an independent and free points management program, has added WorldMark by Wyndham to its list of accepted programs. This addition comes on the heels of WorldMark’s recent vote to change its Assigned Vacation Credits guideline, no longer allowing unlimited credit transfers.

What had apparently developed from allowing a credit transfer of any amount were ‘titans of WorldMark’ — essentially super-accounts who amassed tons of other owners’ points to rent. The new guideline has done away with that option, which eliminates the opportunity for those same owners to utilize the “titans” within the timeshare club as a resource for rental income.

VMS has stepped up to fill that gap with WorldMark by offering a free, flexible, and proven rental model program (no contract required, payment prior to guest check-in and more). The company is already working with Club Wyndham, Bluegreen Resorts and Diamond Resorts International.

Vacatia is now offering real-time rental listings, instant booking, and Guest Care in support of twenty resorts across Cancun and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. These additions include the first “all- inclusive” resorts curated by Vacatia.

Since the public launch of its resort rental marketplace six months ago, Vacatia continues to expand and now serves 14 premier leisure destinations, including Maui, Kauai, Oahu, Big Island, Orlando, Pensacola, Panama City, Destin, Daytona Beach, Myrtle Beach, Branson, and Phoenix/Scottsdale.

Vacatia now offers 300+ carefully selected professionally managed resort-condominium complexes for rental. Originally, access to these resorts was available exclusively only through real estate options such as whole, fractional, or timeshare ownership.

Interval International has affiliated the Shanghai Xihong Vacation Club in the resort city of Yantai in northeastern China. The club’s first property has 24 two-bedroom units housed in the Best Western Yantai, a mixed-used complex with a quality hotel, full-ownership residential units, and commercial offices.

The 30-story Best Western Yantai offers commanding views of the city’s port area and the coast on the Shandong Peninsula. The two-bedroom units, located between the 5th and 29th floors of the hotel, feature a contemporary design with elegant furnishings. Club members have access to many on-site amenities, including the rooftop infinity pool, a fitness center, two restaurants, and an 8D cinema theater.

RCI has affiliated Zlatá Praha’s Golden Prague Resort Salabka in the Czech Republic. This is the company’s first affiliation with the world’s leading holiday exchange company.

The Golden Prague Resort Salabka is located in Troja, 15 minutes from Prague city centre and close to the Drahán-Troja Natural Park. The Troja Chateau, Prague Botanical Gardens and Prague Zoo are also nearby.

The resort comprises historic buildings in the Salabka Troja site, which is the oldest estate preserved in Troja. The resort is a mixed-use development, and its timeshare units will be a part of RCI’s holiday exchange programme. Each apartment is unique, yet all pay tribute to the craft of the old vineyards and farmsteads in their rustic, traditional feel.

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Weekly Wisecrack: May 21, 2016

PD and new recruit
“The New Recruit”

As Aero Mas makes it’s fifth approach into the Puerto Plata airport the suddenly gruff expat PD informs his newest recruit that he misunderstood him when they met during the recent ARDA convention in Hollywood Fl. Tom now informs Mike that he has to close 4 deals each week his first month to get 1/2 of his airfare reimbursed.

Being a little strapped for cash, nervous Mike is now wondering what that offer of 30-day free housing really means and what about those cash SPIFFS, legal working papers, the qualifications of the English-speaking tours and whether or not he’ll make the fortune that Tom, over cocktails late one night with his hand raised to God, vowed Mike would earn beginning with the May high season in the Dominican Republic.


(Do you “think funny”?
Leave your own caption in the
Comments if you’re so inclined…)
Image courtesy PicGifs.com

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