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No BBQ For You!

Timeshare Scoop du Jour-by Scoop

May 25, 2012 — We should all remember that for the past 236 years men and women of all races, ethnicities, classes, backgrounds, education levels, etc. including the poor, the wealthy and even individuals who were not U.S. Citizens have worn the uniform of the United States Military and have honorably served the people and Constitution of this Nation.

In fact, according to the U.S. Federal Government nearly 50 million have served since our Declaration in 1776. What most of us may not be aware of is that today approximately 25 million of these defenders walk among us now wearing their civilian attire and of all those who pass away each year 80,000 are being buried in our Nation’s National Cemetery system.

We should also remember that those millions of active military personnel and veterans left behind, in all, more than one million of their fallen brothers and sisters who died in combat not only within the United States during our own revolution and civil wars but later in far and distant lands around the world where many were laid to rest and never came home.

Let us also not forget all the POW’s, the MIA’s and the tens of millions more military ‘troops’ who were gravely wounded, suffered and became very ill, including many who died from various diseases.

And that there is no shortage of Veterans who ‘carried on’ for the rest of their lives, never complaining and are walking among us without their sight, their limb(s), etc. or being the ‘persons’ they once were prior to serving and defending this nation and its people.

Of course “Memorial Day” is, beginning during the 20th Century, a day set aside to honor all of those who died in all U.S. wars while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States of America and with that in mind and while most of us are having a grand old time this weekend I want to make two suggestions.

First of all every timeshare developer, at least those who are U.S. based, should put together a deeply discounted ‘vacation’ package for all active military personal and their families and aggressively promote that (aka: advertise) ‘getaway’ to their community.

And by “deeply discounted vacation package” I’m not talking about one of those low-rent chump change 15-25% off ‘rack-rate’ deals either. I’m talking about putting your money where your mouth is and giving back to those who have given and continue to give us all so much!

Secondly, every timeshare developer should encourage all Veterans who have honorably served to apply for work at their companies and resorts regardless if in the capacity of sales and marketing or groundskeepers, security, office personnel, etc.

These are highly skilled, talented, dedicated, loyal and honorable folks who have clearly demonstrated they’ll freely step forward and go the ‘extra mile’ and that they can literally be trained, without any prior knowledge or experience, to do any ‘job’ required and/or assigned to them.

Just keep in mind one other reality this weekend my friends. If it weren’t for all branches of the Military and the Veterans who’ve answered the call over all these years, you can bet the farm there wouldn’t be a whole lot of B-B-Q’ing going on this weekend. And even if there were we’d likely not like the manner in which it was prepared or its taste.






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