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Timeshare: The Secondary Market

-by Scoop

September 3, 2010 — Make no mistake about it, in terms of sales (money), there has been a war of sorts taking place for years between Timeshare Developers and the secondary market (resales/rentals), and with the recent financial calamity that swept many nations where ‘time’ is sold and ‘owners’ live the battles are heating up and the conflict will not likely end any time soon.

That being the case, beginning September 10, 2010 ‘Inside The Gate’, a JAM Publishing LLC entity, is announcing the commencement of a new, permanent, impartial and frequently updated section devoted exclusively to the global secondary timeshare market.

There is no more controversial topic affecting all aspects of the timeshare industry than the issue of the secondary market. This includes those thinking about purchasing, new buyers, existing owners, private party sellers and renters, developers, marketing and sales personnel as well as local, national and international resale/rental companies.

With the rapidly increasing proliferation of resale/rental inventory, we believe it is helpful to provide those interested in the subject factual, documented and unbiased information that will assist them to better understand and navigate the maze that comprises this confusing aspect of the timeshare industry.

It must be noted that timeshare developers the world over are respected for all their contributions during the past 40 + years. And although they did contribute, in part, to the ongoing crisis as it relates to the secondary market, nonetheless, they took all the risks in conceiving, designing, developing and bringing to market a product and service that today allows millions of travelers the world over to enjoy a vacation lifestyle that once was only experienced by a small percentage of the populace.

The same can also be said of legitimate companies in the secondary market that provide their services, too, and although it would help everyone greatly if both sides of the clash united and joined forces to better serve owners, etc. the likelihood of the industry, as a whole, doing so is a distant hypothesis.

In our new segment we will explore reasons to purchase directly from the developer (or not) and most other issues that are relative to the secondary market, including but not limited to the various online consumer reporting services such as the BBB (Better Business Bureau), Ripoffreport.com, Complaintsboard.com, Pissedconsumer.com, and Scambusters.com, among others, and how those services, although helpful at times, can just as often mislead buyers, sellers and renters.

With no shortage of (and a continued proliferation of) outright timeshare resale/rental fraud — including multiple companies often changing their identities and that of the various websites they own and/or operate (including new ones they launch)– that aspect, too, will be explored.

There will also be tips from ARDA (as published on the American Resort Community website), the FTC, and various other insights from recognized authorities and officials, etc. These will include interviews, Video-Blogs and other interactive applications that will be available for all interested in the secondary market.

We’ll also explore the growing number of so-called ‘post card’ companies that charge TS owners multiple thousands of dollars to eliminate their ownership rights, uses and obligations; the difference between secondary market resale/rental companies that charge no upfront fees Vs those that do charge; the amounts those companies charge and whether or not they offer any written guarantees, etc.

‘Inside the Gate’ is rapidly becoming a leading online daily timeshare news and information source for thousands of weekly readers who preview exclusive and original content, press releases, feature articles, and more. This new segment will likely become well read and popular as well.

With improved, recognized and successful optimization techniques and social networking processes now in place at Inside the Gate, we are confident that readership will continue to grow. Combined with more news and exclusive information pertaining to anyone interested in any aspect of the timeshare industry, we are poised to become a significant source of content for millions of timeshare owners and others the world over.


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