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The Rarity of Excellence!

-by Scoop

May 28, 2010 — It has been a challenge to locate exact numbers but after reading various public and private business reports, including previous PRs from major TS developers, it appears that the financial crisis that hit our industry left untold thousands of marketing and sales reps as well as various levels of management being forced to seek new opportunities in alternative industries.

Some with whom I have spoken recently indeed became creative, taking those skills that they honed over the years in our industry and applying their talents to everything from retail opportunities to becoming independent marketing, sales and manufacturing reps, etc.

Several people indicated that they would like to get back in ‘the biz’ but others are rightfully concerned about the long term potential and may not be inclined to ‘jump ship’. Many endured formidable challenges since the ‘crash’ and having now stabilized their situations aren’t likely to roll the dice and rock their boat!

It is those people and others who survived the ‘big cut’ (including developers) who have left sort of a gray cloud lingering over our industry in terms of ‘career opportunities’. It is somewhat reminiscent of a “Doors” song from the late ‘60s called “Road House” where Jim Morrison warns that ‘the future is uncertain and the end is always near…’

I’ve also discovered that among the developers who are now hiring again many seem to have turned over the recruiting, interviewing and hiring responsibilities of sales and marketing reps to HR (Human Resource) personnel, and I find that practice, especially in this era, lacking in discernment.

Instead, what developers should consider is placing that responsibility with someone who eats, lives and breathes the entire marketing and sales process as that type of person is likely more capable of ‘screening’ and selecting the best talent available. No disrespect intended, but having an HR person basically doing the hiring is akin to a developer asking an administrative person to hit the sales floor and start closing deals!


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